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The Key to Be Free

The Key to Be Free

June 13, 2021 12:00am

Months of lockdown make us anxious to get out. Yet even as restrictions roll back, we may still feel confined where it counts most - inside. Jesus came to set us free in mind, heart and spirit. Through Paul’s Letter to the Galatians, we’ll discover the True Keys to unlock whatever holds us back! You can view all the messages in this series here.

June 6 "Put Down the Remote Control"  Galatians 1; Free From Control

June 13 "The Show Down at the Dinner Party" Galatians 2; Free from People Pleasing,

June 20 Father’s Day/Special Service

June 27 "Your Get Out of Jail Free Card" Galatians; Free from Unreasonable Demands

July 4  "A Truth Not Self-Evident" Galatians 4; Free From Proving Yourself. One outdoor service at 10AM

July 11 "Turtles and Tightropes" Galatians 5; Free From Destructive Drives

July 18 "Weed "Em and Reap" Galatians 6; Free to Lift Others Up

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