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Series: The Missing Peace


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Speaker: Doug Hoglund

January 3, 2021

Romans 5:1-8

Doug Hoglund

Reverend Doctor Doug Hoglund

Message Notes

Idol Inventory

Idols demand sacrifice. To what do you sacrifice your time, money, energy, family and/or health? What gets in the way of your relationship with God? Be honest with yourself. Examples: Career, Possessions, Person, Place, Money, a Grudge, One of the Seven Deadly Sins (Angry, Lust, Envy, Greed, Pride, Laziness, Gluttony), etc...

What’ll it cost you (physically, emotionally, financially) if you stop putting it first in your life?

What steps can you take to let it go or at least put it in its proper place so it doesn’t disturb your peace with God?

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